Allen on 2015 Trade Mission to South Korea



     Just having a job is not enough.  It's having a job that pays enough to feed and support your family.  To do that we either have to bring in more industry or get better at what we are already doing.  In short, good business means good jobs.  It would be great if our children and grandchildren could stay in Idaho instead of having to move out of state to find good paying jobs. As a state legislator, I will work hard to build strong business opportunities that create jobs and products that will make Idaho an even better place to live.





     I say thanks to  all of our teachers and administrators in the public school system.   Our founding fathers deemed it necessary to provide for a “common education.”  We value our public schools as one of our most important assets and we must support the great work our schools are accomplishing on our behalf.   Our future, our children and our economic well being depend on our full support.  We can not ask our schools to do more with less. My opponent, Judy Boyle, is proud that the legislature has now restored school funding to 2009 levels.  That's great, but in 2009 we were 50th in the nation in school spending.  It is now 2016 and we are still 50th.  We must do better.




     78,000 Idahoans are without health insurance because they fall in the “gap,” that is they make too much money to qualify for Medicaid but not enough to qualify for subsidies under Idaho's health program. Idaho's Republican legislators refuse to accept federal money to solve the problem, saying we need to find an Idaho solution. But it has been six years now and they have come up with nothing.  How long do we have to wait before they come up with a solution?









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